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“It is clear that we can compete against everyone in the Champions League”

The technician of the Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, wanted to make clear the importance of the game against him Inter de Milan in which the team plays the first place of the group in a Champions in which he assured that the team “can compete against everyone.”

The fourteenth

“I don’t have this idea in mind. I only think about tomorrow’s strategy, which is a game that we want to play and win because we play at home, in the Champions League and it’s nice. Reaching the final of this competition is the goal.”

Demand on the bench

“It is the history and tradition of this club that continues to be the best in the world that has won so many titles for this. It is also true that La Décima, for example, we celebrate and enjoy it but we had to move on.”

Team level for the Champions

“I can’t say if Real Madrid is the favorite or not but you can compete with all the teams. Then we have to wait and see. In the end you have to face the best and that will happen if we continue in the competition.”

Ancelotti’s pending accounts

“I want to show that I can do a good job. Personally I don’t have to prove something to someone. I think I have a very young coaching staff and I feel very good. We can combine the experience I have with their desire to win.”

Militao Evolution

“Militao is more focused on his position. He has a top quality and has improved a lot with Alaba.”

Winning streak of the first stage

“It is true that this winning streak is good and that it is similar to the one we had in 2015 but each year has its history and it cannot be compared.”

Importance of being first in the group

“It is a prestigious game for the reasons I have already said. They play very well and we play first place and that is important. I think the game is going to be interesting.”

Match against Atlético de Madrid

“You have to prioritize today’s game and not Atlético’s that will arrive on Sunday.”

Adaptation of Alaba

“Alaba adapted quickly because he is a smart player. He wanted to play for this team and he is doing very well.”

Strategy against Inter

“At Inter, Brozovic is one of the key players but not only him. They play very well and of course we are thinking about how to block them by focusing on defensive work.”

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