“It is a match to take a step forward”

Xavi Hernandez He appeared at a press conference on the eve of taking the Elche. The Barça coach insisted on the importance of adding a victory To restore confidence to the group, he admitted that it is costing them more than expected than the Barça be the one he imagined and reiterated on numerous occasions that they need yes or yes to win to the Elche to end the year with good feelings: “If we win we will all be more handsome, winning this match will be a balm for everyone.”

Xavi He admitted that “it is costing us more than we thought to make our game, but we are positive, we are improving in many aspects, we play at home and it is the last game of the year. We are on the right track, although we need more time, but it is a game to take a step forward ”.

Yesterday I spoke with Dembélé, he wants to continue, he is happy here and I am positive, you already know the draft sports that there will be and the importance it will have. I cannot give more details ”. Regarding the current performance of the Frenchman, he commented that “perhaps he lacked a goal to give him more confidence, but he is making a difference.”

Regarding the team’s options, he pointed out that “I trust the team a lot, the results are not helping, but we are working well. We need results, the feelings each game are being more positive, but the results are not good, we have to take another step. And achieve results, because this will win, if we work well and not we won it’s no use. The main objective is to finish in the top four, but we are not ruling out anything, we want to win titles and differences can be cut ”. He admitted that “the League It is what marks the feelings of the team, you have to add three at a time, grit your teeth, work and believe in what we are doing. And from there grow and fight for the Super Cup, the Cup and for all Titles. The sensations are very good, but this is going to win ”. He reiterated that “being realistic, we have the capacity to win Titles, we can not give anything away or discard to win the League. I have seen Leagues go back 17-18 points to the leader. We have the Super Cup, the Cup, the Europa League… I am realistic, but also optimistic, why not believe that this team can fight to win titles ”. He compared the 2003 League with the current one and pointed out that “now there has been a change of coach, then no, but I do remember that on that occasion we continued to believe in what we were doing. And keep working to reverse the situation ”.


We need results, the feelings in each game are being more positive, but the results are not good, we have to take another step.

Clarified that Dembélé and Jordi Sunrise are available to face Elche and he recalled, facing the following matches, that “the team needs a victory to consolidate what we are working on. We finished happy with their work, the commitment of the players is unquestionable, so we need a victory. We want to end the year well and we are going for these six points. We do many things well, but it is not enough for us to compete. You have to win whatever it takes and change this dynamic ”.

At the moment Xavi He doesn’t want to talk about reinforcements or recovering injuries, because he says that “I only think about these two games and the players we have right now, I don’t think about anything else. We will already think about signings from the 21st ”. The Barça coach insisted that “we have to change things, not only players, the positional game, the way of defending, it is different from the previous coach, but it takes time. And yes, we need to strengthen the team, especially in attack ”.

On the situation of Eric Garcia He pointed out that “he is going to start a lot of games, I count on everyone and practically all of them have played, I need them all. They all have to be prepared for when the equipment needs them. Eric he is going to play because he is very good and very important, he will start in many games ”.

The Barça coach explained that “there are players who find it difficult to understand the positional game, it is surprising that it is like this while at Barça, but it is like that. You have to change the chip and work on it more. Tomorrow you will see a brave team, you have to win ”.

Asked about Haaland and the declarations of Javier TebasHe pointed out that “we have a difficult economic situation and it will not be easy to strengthen ourselves, there is a problem with the wage bill and with the chips, we will see what happens. WhatThebes? Everyone would be interested and he would be the first, that a player like Haaland be in the League ”. Regarding possible reinforcements, he indicated that “I have been very clear with the President, to Mateu, Jordi, everything that needs to be reinforced in the short and medium term, they already know it ”. And about the casualties he pointed out that “to sign it is evident that there must be exits. But it is not the issue now, we are concerned about Elche, Sevilla and finishing the year well ”.


Thebes? Everyone would be interested and he would be the first, that a player like Haaland is in the League ”.

Facing the game against him Elche, Xavi admitted that “Jutglà It is an option for tomorrow’s game, it is another possibility, he can play on the wing or as a forward. I do not think we lack a goal, but to reach the area and dare ”. He reiterated his confidence in the quality of Frenkie de Jong and about Ter Stegen He said that “he is still one of the best goalkeepers in the world. But there is something that is confidence, that makes a player seem better or worse. If there are good results, we will all look more handsome, we need a victory that will be a balm for all of us ”.

Finally, he spoke of the match before the Linares on the Cup: “It will cost, it is a single game, at home, we are seeing what it costs to win against these teams, it will be difficult. They have already played against Barça B, we will have the reports ”.

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