“In bad times we have been able to keep calm”

Eric Garcia acted as a right back in the duel against him Villarreal, an atypical position for him, and the defender suffered with the raises by his band of Pedraza and Danjuma. At the conclusion of the match, Eric He attended the ‘Movistar +’ microphones and wanted to give value to the victory at the La Cerámica Stadium after having gone through several troubles.

“It is true that in the first half, from minute 25 to the half, we suffered behind because they pressed us. When they scored the goal, we knew they were going to squeeze us. The good news is that in bad times we have managed to remain calm. We knew they would take the ball away from us and put pressure on us upstairs. I am very happy for Memphis, Philippe and Frenkie. All three deserved the goal, “he said. Eric Garcia, who highlighted that the team is in good dynamics after the arrival of Xavi Hernandez to the culé bench.

“They are a team that tries to accumulate a lot of people in the center of the field. Yes, it is true that we have suffered, but the important thing is victory. We come from three games in an ascending line. Against Benfica we did not get the result we wanted and today we had to add the three points. We are much better. The team notices it and emotionally we are up, “he said Eric.

“We have to continue like this. The season is very long and the closer we are together things will get better. Tactically we are understanding what he asks of us. The team with the victories grows and you trust more in what you are doing. We knew it was going to be a tough game, but the mentality of the team was incredible. I am very happy with the victory, “he said. Eric, who did not enter to assess the play of the possible penalty from Piqué because “if I’m honest we haven’t seen this play in the middle part nor have I seen it live.”

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