“In a few days I will be able to give good news”

The female Barça is pending these days of one of the issues that most worries the fans: the renewal of Aitana Bonmatí, one of the pillars of this team that wins the triplet and that once again aspires to everything. The Barça midfielder, recently nominated for the ‘The Best’ award and who was already proclaimed MVP of the final of the last Champions, has advanced that “in a few days I will be able to give good news”, in a reassuring message for the Catalans.

Aitana chatted with Mundo Deportivo during the presentation of your sponsorship agreement with Danone YoPro, of which it is new image. A new brand that joins the wave of women’s football: “It is expensive that the sponsors are increasingly interested in us and it is a very good sign. It means that we are doing things well at the sporting level, which is the main thing, if not none of this would be possible, “he highlights.

The great midfielder explains that despite the earthquake of successes that accompanies her, nothing has changed: “My life has not changed at all, everything remains the same. It is a pride and I am very happy to be nominated for these awards, but at the end does not change anything “.

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Asked about her renewal with Barça, after having received offers from giants such as Olympique de Lyon, Chelsea, City or Bayern, she does not hide that “I have listened to the offers that have come to me, since I am always open to listen, but as I have said many times, the offer from Barça is very important to me, so in a few days or at most a few weeks I will be able to give good news “.

“Things go through your head, but Barça is an ideal place for me”

“It is clear that when you talk to other clubs they always try to sell you the best and things go through your head, but I have to be and I have to go where I am happy,” he insists on the idea of ​​trying his luck abroad, and always making it clear that the Barça It is your top priority.

Aitana is a soccer player trained in The farmhouse and that he can boast of bringing Barça DNA to the pitch. This leads her to be a benchmark for the youth academies: “It is not easy to leave this house because of what it is for me on a sentimental and game level, but also because of what I can contribute as a player. Barça is an ideal place for me” , he assures.

Finally, celebrate the Ballon d’Or achieved by Alexia, which has given a definitive boost to this sport: “In the end, this is a sign that we have done things very well. Without the prizes and collective successes, individual prizes would not be possible.”

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