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“If Real Madrid lose it will be definitive”

Ivan Helgueraformer player of real Madridwas one of the protagonists of a new edition of “La Barra del Encuentro” organized by Mahou on the occasion of the Classic .“If Madrid wins, they can put pressure on Barcelona and they have to give everything for the league. Madrid, despite having the Champions League, also knows that it cannot be picked up,” Helguera explained.

He is player he sees Barcelona “at a good moment” and highlighted the defensive work of the Barça team. “Barcelona are doing a great job in LaLiga, they have many more points than Real Madrid and it shows. Xavi is working very well in this competition” , sentenced Helguera who made it clear that “Real Madrid has to win no matter what, we know what is at stake in this game. I think we can see a very good game, very intense. We have to be careful with the kicks, because we know what is at stake for each one”, he added.

In addition, he spoke about the controversy that has been causing Vinicius the last months. “His role is not easy. They foul him a lot, just like they did to Messi. To stop these types of players sometimes they have to stop them with too much aggressiveness and the referee has to be aware. He is very young, you have to understand him, it is not easy to be Vinicius ”, he clarified.

Helguera, on the other hand, considers that Modric and Kroos they still have a lot to say. “I agree with Ancelotti’s statements. At Real Madrid, when you play a bad game many times you are useless. Modric and Kross are players who are giving a lot to the team and have a fantastic level, they have shown it in the two games against Liverpool”, explained Helguera.

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