“If I were a footballer, I would be a striker”

When one year has passed since the successful release of the album ‘motomami‘ of rosaliathe players of the barca that they jump onto the field of play this Sunday to face the real Madrid in the second LaLiga Clásico of this season they will wear, instead of the usual logo of Spotifythe name of the album that the Catalan singer rosalia He took out in 2022 and how successful it is giving him.

In an interview that Spotify has made the artist and that she has shared with Sports world, rosalia he reels off some curiosities, such as the similarities he observes between the world of music and that of football. “The similarity that I feel is the emotion that is lived, for example, in a concert and in a game. Human energy is concentrated, so many people living the same moment, fixing all their attention on an event.” The Camp Nou will be bursting with another crowd that will be historic.

rosalia he also explains what his favorite city is to visit when he is on tour. The singer does not doubt it: “Buenos Aires and New York”. And when asked about the position he would occupy if he were a professional soccer player, rosalia He also answers without hesitation. “Forward, in fact when I played in my town and at school it was always my favorite position, haha”

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