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“I was surprised by the desire that Ancelotti continues to have”

The midfielder of Real Madrid, Casemiro, was the voice of the club before the decisive match against Inter for which the first place in group D of the Champions League will be decided and made it clear that the team “is ready” for the duel against champions of Italy.

Match against Inter

“We know that Inter is a great team and then we will have to face the game calmly, with respect and knowing that they are the Serie A champions.”

Midfielder minutes

“That is always a topic that is discussed, that is always pending. But we have to Pintus he does a good job. Camavinga It suits us very well, Valverde also incredible. the best thing is to have a balanced staff “.

Criticism of Vinicius and Militao

“When talking about Real Madrid, the requirement is the greatest. Even if you arrive 18 or 35 years old. That is why we are the best club in the world. I always tell them to enjoy the moment because what they have achieved is something incredible, although they have to continue to be humble and continue working as they are doing. This year’s difference with Vinicius is that not being so well has decided as a top player “.

Casemiro’s defensive ability

“We are aware of extra-sports things and that is why we endure. Although it may not seem like it, I am human, I am not a robot and they help me a lot to be like that.”

Moments of the season

“Football is moments, of course. But the key to this good run is the squad and the work we do because here we are required to win every game.”

Vinicius state of form

“We have players who are also very good in our squad. Courtois, Benzema, Kroos that they are in a very good moment. Hard to say that Vinicius He is the most decisive in Europe but he is at a very important moment in his career “.

Euphoria inside the locker room

“In this club, you live on victories and you have to keep winning. We work to be at the top and the key is the way to face all the games as if they were the last.”

Signing of Mbappé

“I believe that Mbappe He is a great player. It is in the Top-3 of the world and is compatible with any player in the world. With Vinicius of course he can play well. Everyone admires him a lot because he is a great player. ”

Varane and Sergio Ramos

“They marked an era and will continue to be remembered. Sergio was a captain but it is clear that Militao and Praise they are having a great season. We already expected it from Alaba. AND Nacho he also complies and Vallejo works very well. ”

Relationship with Ancelotti

“The coach is a person who has been in football for more than 40 years and of course you are happy when you hear him speak well of you. He gives us a lot and is a coach who is very close to us. In the first stage with him I competed with Xabi Alonso and Khedira and I have learned a lot from him. It is an icon. ”

Ancelotti’s second stage

“They have surprised me a lot with all their staff. What has surprised me the most is that they continue to want to win and show that they are top after so many of them. I have been surprised by the desire they have, how they prepare the games after winning the matches”.

Loss of Benzema and role of Camavinga

“I think that Karim’s loss is to lose the best ‘9’ in the world and one of the best in the world but we have to Luka Jovic and Mariano. The other day Luka played a great game and he doesn’t play much. And about Camavinga I can only say that he is young, humble and eager to work. We cannot put much pressure on him because it is normal that he is still wrong but he is a player who is the present of the club. ”

Vinicius, best Brazilian in Europe

“It is difficult to talk about it because the level is very high. It is showing in all the games that it is decisive but it is difficult because we have Gabriel Jesus, Firmino, Neymar, but of course he’s at the top. “

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