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“I was not sure if it had been a goal”

Toni Kroos, German midfielder from Real Madrid, acknowledged this Wednesday that, after his good hit in the second goal of his team against the Sheriff, “I was not sure if it had been a goal” and, above his goal and being named player of the match, was left with the team’s classification for the round of 16 of the Champions League.

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“I am happier for the result than for the goal. We are classified for the second round and it is up to the team,” he highlighted in ‘Movistar +‘. “Sometimes I try to shoot and today it worked well. I wasn’t sure if it was a goal but I had a good feeling,” he added.

Kroos He distributed merits among all his teammates and did not focus them on the midfield that he integrates with the Brazilian Casemiro and the croatian Luka modric, who returned to take the praise after the resounding triumph at the home of Sheriff.

“We give balance to the team”

“It depends on everyone. It may be that we create things from the center of the field, but we need the forwards to mark our passes and for the four behind to help us in defense. We balance the team, we create a game but there are eleven of us”, manifested.

“The important thing is to work as a team and everyone does it. It has cost us in the second half after scoring the third goal, we can improve to better control the games but they are small things,” he said.

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