“I was close to playing with Messi at Barça”

Angel Di Maria has the privilege of being a partner of Leo Messi, both in the Argentine team and in the Paris Saint-Germain. In an interview with TNT Sports, the Argentine winger was surprised when he confessed that he could play in the Barcelona with his friend Messi. “If you saw the things he does in training, in practice. He was very close to going to BarcelonaIf I went, it was only to play with him. When he came out that he was coming here I was happy, it was the best thing that happened to me, playing with him is a dream I had, it is something unique, “he said. Say Maria in a chat with TNT Sports.

The ‘Noodle‘he joked after the seventh Golden Ball conquered by the former forward of the Barça. “This kid is crazy, he’s insane … Seven Ballon d’Or is crazy, it’s half the career he did and all the other balls they gave it to others, if it’s because he’s the best in the world, They should have given them to him … “, he added Say Maria.

Furthermore, the ‘Noodle‘He took off his hat because of his partner’s speech during the Ballon d’Or gala. “I think Leo With what he said, I saw him, I heard him … He is a man with all the letters, asking as he asked in front of everyone, that people organize the Golden Ball and he does it like nothing, like he’s talking to anyone. I think what he did is phenomenal, “he said, referring to the request of Messi for what Robert Lewandowski was recognized with him Ballon d’Or 2020 that was left deserted because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Finally, Say Maria explained that the quality of Leo it’s natural, it doesn’t have to be ‘crushed’ to be the number 1. “I don’t know if he does or thinks like the others, his is natural, it’s like that. He enjoys playing, he enjoys doing what he does. I think he doesn’t feed on other things in order to be the best or to improve himself every year, like what has natural and everything comes out so natural, it is Golden Ball because he is the best in the world, “he concluded Say Maria.

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