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“I told Luis that I admire him for how he celebrated the goals on the bench”

Diego Pablo Simeone, Atlético de Madrid coach, revealed a private conversation with Luis Suárez after qualifying in the Champions League

Simeone and Luis Suárez during Atlético de Madrid training.

José Antonio García Sirvent / Own

Diego Pablo Simeone confessed at the press conference a private conversation with Luis Suarez. A conversation in which the Cholo denoted the involvement that the Uruguayan forward currently has in the Atlético de Madrid.

“After the game I spoke with Luis, when he left the studies they did and he had nothing. I told him that I admire him for how he celebrated the goals of Griezamnn Y strap. I admire him because after everything he won, to come out of a game like this and see how he celebrated the goals as he did, I admire him. He will be in the group and we will see if he is finally from the game or not ”, explained the Argentine coach.

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At.Madrid training in the Cerro del Espino sports city in Majadahonda.

A press conference in which he also left his impression about the debate between Cunha and the Uruguayan. “According to those who share their game on the sides. If they are strap Y Carrasco It may be better Cunha, and if they are Rodrigo, Koke Y Lemar Luis Suárez could be better ”.

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