“I learned from many people without them knowing it”

Talking about women’s football is talking about Alexia putellas. For many there is no player above her currently and proof of this is her presence in the lists of finalists for individual awards, her recent proclamation as MVP of the Champions League and her clear favoritism for the Ballon d’Or and ‘The Best’ .

Many would change for her, but she would change everything so that her father could see how far she is going, how she is championing women’s football around the world and how soon, if the forecasts are met, she will be confirmed as the best soccer player on the planet. An illness took his father when Alexia was just beginning to appear in professional football, at the age of seventeen. He had just arrived at the Levante and within a few months he received the hardest blow that life has given him. Shy and introverted, the opposite face is her inseparable sister Sunrise, He took refuge in football to move forward, he returned home, to the club of his heart, Barça, and the path has taken him to the top.

Chatting with MD, a few days before the Ballon d’Or gala, she acknowledged being “very calm, very happy to be among the nominees” and highlighted the “twenty super players and especially with these five teammates that we share every day.” She confessed that “it is very special to see five Barça nominees”, yes, as a good captain, she does not hesitate to claim that “for me, from my point of view, there are a few missing because the level achieved last year was incredible and personally I have not seen it in any other player ”.

Culé since childhood, and always proud of having attended the campus Xavi, Alexia responded clearly to the option of repeating the podium they starred in Messi, Xavi and Iniesta in 2010. “Hopefully it happens, without a doubt that there is a list of five players among the twenty is already something very special and if one of us takes it much better.”

Always with the fans

Behind the goals, those fantasy plays, those masterful fouls and those passes that only she sees, hides a grateful woman, who never leaves the script of correction and knowing how to be at all times, and who retains more than it may seem. There is no detail that goes unnoticed and when he is told about the path to this success, he does not hesitate to point out to “everyone with whom I have been sharing every day and with the people that I have had the opportunity to learn even if they did not know that he was taking hold of them. All my teammates that I admire a lot, the coaching staff and everyone who has believed in me ”.

When a Barça game ends, wherever and with whatever result, Alexia and her teammates stay to sign the fans who wait for them in the front row of the stands. There are days that are five minutes, others that are fifteen, and sometimes it has been more than half an hour. The ’11’ Barça is aware that the fans are part of the team and nowadays there is no girl who does not have an autograph of Alexia. For all of them she has a message: “Thank you very much for that support, you are always encouraging and I appreciate it very much”, and a piece of advice: “Let them believe in themselves that one day they may be the ones playing here.” Believing in herself has led her to be the favorite for the Ballon d’Or. If she ends up lifting it, she will not do it alone. His father, from up there, will lift him up with her proud of what he has achieved and bragging that his daughter is the best player in the world.

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