“I also think that I will play on the side”

Ronald Araujo He returns to the team after serving a suspension in San Mamés and after two weeks off, which have been very good for him. The central defender, in an interview with Let’s go (Movistar+)explained that “this rest did very well, especially due to the discomfort that was dragging on the abductor”.

If Barça wins, they will have a 12-point lead over Real Madrid, but Araujo He believes that “it will not be sentenced, because there will be many games left, but it would be very important to be able to win.”

the latest classics Araujo He has played on the side to face Vinicius and he himself admits that “I also think so, that I will have to play on the wing, but I still don’t know what the coach will decide”. Although in recent games he has won the game against the Brazilian, he does not believe that the madridista’s morale has food and assures that “every game is a story, so far it went well, but there are many duels ahead in our careers

When reminded that the barca He has only conceded eight goals in League He affirms that it gives him “joy and happiness” and that “the work pays off, it was something that had to be corrected from previous seasons”. Just as now he is clear that they should suffer less sometimes: “There are games that we should close before, it is something to improve”

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