how to please football fans

You might think it’s obvious to satisfy a football fan at Christmas, but ultimately it is far from the case. In this industry, derivative products follow one another and follow each other every year without ever being alike … And you can quickly get drowned between all the offers. Unless you know where to get the most popular products of the moment, to be sure to always aim right. This year, we have something to satisfy any footballer in this selection. From sports equipment to accessories, including video game star of the year and (obviously) the essential ball…There will be something for everyone.

Christmas 2021: getting ready for the field

It’s no secret: a true fan of football necessarily has a complete panoply of his favorite player, if not his favorite club. So to celebrate Christmas 2021 with great fanfare, we throw ourselves on sports clothing and accessories. To help them conquer winter while allowing them to let off steam on the pitch, give them a football suit, like the model adidas spotted at La Redoute. Always on the ready-to-wear side, we advise you the essential swimsuits. To support a club, such as those offered by Le Coq Sportif, or to proudly display the logo of his favorite team like the Nike PSG jersey available on Cdiscount. Without forgetting the essentials for a complete assortment worthy of a professional player: shoes. And without a doubt, the star model under the tree will be this year the Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite to embody the allure of a football legend: Kylian Mbappé.

Football gift: the essential accessories

Sportswear does not inspire you? The soccer player you have to fill at Christmas already has a whole dressing room filled with jerseys and cleats? Do not panic ! This season, you can also let yourself be tempted by a very wide series of accessories and other derivative products that will have only one goal: please any football fan (or professional). We think, of course, of the mythical soccer ball: this Christmas 2021, we offer you the Molten UEFA Europa League certified FIFA Pro Quality to ensure optimum performance. The coolest ? It currently displays a promotion of almost 80 euros ! For those who love football, but only from their sofa, consider giving them the last game everyone is snapping up: Fifa 22 on PlayStation 4. Released on 1er October 2021, and published by Electronics Arts, this breathtakingly realistic game features more than 17,000 players, 700 teams and 30 championships and competitions like the UEFA Champions League. A way like any other to take a whiff of adrenaline alone, with friends or with family… without leaving your home!

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