Hours and where to watch Halle-Gooik on TV

Halle-Gooik and Barça you see the faces in the second day of the elite round of the Futsal Champions League, which is disputed in your case in the pavilion Lokomotiva Plzeň in the town of Pilsen, in the Czech Republic. Together with these two teams they make up this Group C the Czech Plzen, which acts as a local, and the Slovenian dobovev, to which the Barcelona ran over yesterday in the first day by 8-2.

The Futsal Barça reached the final of the Futsal Champions League last season, where he lost to him Sporting Lisbon Portuguese. Two courses ago, yes, he was proclaimed champion in the Palau Blaugrana against El Pozo Murcia, in a Spanish final. In this course he has started with great force to thrashing the Slovenian Dobovec 8-2, which added a new consecutive victory.

The Barcelona It comes in a great moment of form and it could be seen since yesterday, where it links victories everywhere. As has happened in past editions, the Catalans will be led by a star Ferrao. The Barca from the second day of the LNFS arrives with full of consecutive victories, when he won the Burela FS (6-1). Since then, he beat the Real Betis Futsal (4-1), to Industries Santa Coloma (3-4), to Xota FS (2-8), to Manzanares Cheese Hidalgo (8-2), to The Well Murcia (2-4), to Soccer Emotion Zaragoza (3-5) and at Jaén FS (3-0). Now, we must add the win over the Slovenian Dobovrec by a resounding 8-2.

The Barça is the current leader of the LNFS (and current champion), as well as the finalist in the UEFA Champions League football sala, where he yielded in the final to him Sporting Club de Portugal. In his streak of consecutive wins, the Barcelona won in the first phase of the European Cup al Viten Orshan (5-1), to Raise FS (2-9) and at Zalgiris Kaunas (1-7). The goals against him Dobovrec yesterday (8-2), were the work of André Coelho, Esquerdinha, Ferrao (x3), Sergio Lozano, Adolfo and Pito.

The Barça reaches the Champions League comes very strong and before him Halle-Gooik they start as favorites. The Barça coach, Jesus Velasco, already warned of the difficulty that this elite round of the Futsal Champions League, so they can’t relax despite yesterday’s win.

Of course, many players of the Barça team arrive at a great moment, as in the case of Dyego, Sergio Lozano, Adolfo or Ferrao. It is also worth highlighting the season of the culé goalkeeper Didac, which is being differential. This makes the Barcelona be one of the great favorites in the maximum continental competition at club level in futsal.

The Barça will still have to play one last game against him Czech Plzen, team that acts as a local. His rival today, the Halle-Gooik Belgian, in principle it is an accessible rival, where until now in the Champions League he has won one game and lost two.

When is Halle-Gooik – Barça played?

The game is played Today, Thursday, December 2, at 5.30 p.m.

Where to see the Halle-Gooik – Barça?

The encounter can be seen by Barça TV, channel of the Barça club, and for Esport3 in Catalonia. You can follow all the information about the match live on the Mundo Deportivo website.

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