his environment believes that “the renovation should have come before”

TO Sergi Roberto an uncertain panorama now opens up to him. The serious muscle injury derived from some discomfort that has dragged on for a long time will force him to undergo surgery in Finland and, although it is not official, the estimate is for a period of absence of about four months. A mishap that occurs in his last season of contract with the Barça -it ended in June 2022- and without having completed its renewal.

Until Tuesday afternoon, the midfielder was not sure of the urgency of undergoing surgery to solve his problems in the rectus femoris of the right thigh. Until that moment, its renovation was completely stopped and without a date to resume negotiations. The last that was known is that Xavi had given public approval to its continuity for two more seasons, that was a couple of weeks ago, so it was hoped that the contacts could be resumed in a short space of time, even this same week. Sergi Roberto I saw the resolution of the extension so complicated that it contemplated all kinds of scenarios, even the possibility of going out in the winter market. What I did not think at the time is that the discomfort in the thigh could lead to a significant injury.

His environment is now pessimistic with the renovation because his return to the playing fields is postponed until March or April. “It should have been resolved by now.” long ago, consider. The player, they explain, has done everything on his side. He assumed the salary reduction as requested by the club for this season, as has happened with the other captains, and agreed to reduce his file considerably for the two years proposed

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