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“He is capable of catching the ball from 60 meters and taking it to the area”

Marcelino highlights the qualities of Vinicius: “He is now having the effectiveness that was attributed to him”

Marcelino highlighted the moment the Brazilian Vinicius is going through

Juan Echeverria

Vinicius He is the fashionable man in Spanish football. The Brazilian has exploded this season and has emerged as a scorer. He already has nine goals to be currently the second top scorer in the 2021-22 League behind his teammate Karim Benzema.

How can you stop it? “The best way is that he receives the fewest possible balls. He is very confident and in a state of grace. What was attributed to him, the effectiveness, he is having now. On Sunday he scores an extraordinary goal. You have to be attentive to the aids and try that the passers have the least options on it. He is a player capable of catching the ball at 60 meters and taking it to the area ”, he acknowledged. Marcelino, the Athletic coach, before visiting Real Madrid tomorrow.

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