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Hazard continues to break the record for absences in the Clásicos

Eden Hazard He has become a ‘ghost footballer’ for Real Madrid. He has not played with the white team since January 3 in the Copa del Rey round of 32 against Cacereño and, in the League, he has not appeared since September. That is why, at the gates of a new Classic, The hope that the soccer player harbors in being able to participate is that a series of very remote circumstances occur that allow him to play.

And it is that what is no longer remote is his zero participation in the Clásicos since since he has been at Real Madrid he has lost all the officials between the League and the Cup, which have already been ten, and he has only participated in that friendly that played this summer in Las Vegas.

The more than one hundred million euros that it cost, plus the variables of his contract, plus the weight of carrying the label of the most expensive player in the club’s history, are already attached to the fact that he has not participated in a single game which, it is assumed, are more important in Real Madrid’s season: their duels against their eternal rival, Barcelona.

For his part, the player continues to work and this week he has done so involved in a small controversy formed around his statements in the Belgian press in which he assured that he did not speak with Carlos Ancelotti. This, evidently, was not overlooked by the coach who ratified it at a press conference but claimed mutual respect as the maximum affection between the two. The Italian, in addition, also made clear the reasons for his absence: “He does not play because there is a lot of competition and Vinicius is in his position.”

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