Hamraoui charges Diallo again!

Heard on Monday by investigators from the Versailles judicial police, Kheira Hamraoui made a new accusation against Aminata Diallo.

The Parisian staff risks tearing their hair out. While a meeting was held on Thursday between Kheira Hamraoui and Aminata Diallo, a month after the iron bar assault suffered by the first named, in order to consider their return to training , the hour seemed to appease. But the new revelations surrounding the investigation should add fuel to the fire.

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According to M6, Kheira Hamraoui, heard on Monday by investigators from the judicial police of Versailles, has indeed again charged her teammate. Not about the assault she suffered and for which Aminata Diallo was taken into custody shortly after the incident when investigators believed the attack may have taken place against a backdrop of sporting rivalry, but because threats from those around her teammate.

During a training session held at the end of November in Bougival, Amina Diallo’s bodyguard, made available by PSG, would indeed have threatened Kheira Hamraoui. “Clear threats” that Kheira Hamraoui not only mentioned to investigators but also in a letter sent to the judge in charge of the case. Saïd Harir, Kheira Hamraoui’s lawyer, confirmed the information, refusing any comment. A “no comment” also for the press service of the club in the capital.

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