Hamraoui-Abidal, the police intrigued –

While the investigation into the assault on Kheira Hamraoui appears to be deadlocked, the Parisian player was questioned by the Versailles judicial police about her personal life.

Almost a month after the attack with the iron bar of which Kheira Hamraoui was victim, the investigation is stalling. The track of a sporting rivalry, which had earned Aminata Diallo, her teammate at PSG, to be placed in custody, was quickly ruled out and investigators are now interested in the personal life of the former Barcelona.

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To this end, the tricolor midfielder was heard again earlier this week by the judicial police of Versailles, according to AFP. She would have been questioned in particular about her relations with Eric Abidal. The former defender saw his name appear in the file when it was established that the chip used in the Parisian player’s laptop was in his name. Her marriage should not survive it: Hayet Abidal has indeed filed for divorce after her husband confessed to having had an affair with the Parisian player.

But despite this new hearing, the investigation appears to be deadlocked, “No significant fact” did not come out during the hearing. “We imperatively wish to preserve the private life of Mrs. Hamraoui and allow her to resume training as quickly as possible as well as (preserve) the secrecy of the investigation and of the judicial information in progress”, soberly reacted his lawyer, Saïd Harir. For now, Kheira Hamraoui, like Aminata Diallo, have still not resumed training with the group, the two players contenting themselves with indoor sessions.

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