Great impact of the ‘Motomami’ effect for the Clásico

The collaboration with Rosalía so that she appears on the front of the Barça shirt in the Clásico against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou Spotify has been a resounding success and has given great visibility to this Sunday’s duel

Rosalía and her ‘Motomami’ will shine in the Clásico

the choice of rosalia and his ‘motomami‘ to wear on the front of the jersey of the barca in it Classic It has been a complete success and has generated a stir on social networks. The joint publication of rosalia and the barca on Instagram to announce the collaboration between the artist and the Barcelona club already exceeds five million ‘likes’ and many users have wanted to share images of the campaign on their personal profiles.

Another example of the great acceptance of the collaboration of rosalia for the Clásico is that the 22 exclusive ‘glow’ t-shirts, valued at 1,999 euros, sold out in just 24 hours. There are still some of the 1,899 shirts with the serigraphy of ‘motomami‘, with a price of 399 euros, but everything indicates that they will also end up running out in the coming days.

The 'glow' effect of Rosalía's shirt

The ‘glow’ effect of Rosalía’s shirt


It should be remembered that rosalia she was the most listened to Spanish artist in the world on Spotify in 2022 and the reproductions of her songs grew by 110% over the past year.

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