Genesio victim of his pet peeve


  • 1/6


    Gerson scored the only goal of the night between Nantes and Marseille.

  • 2/6

    Toko Ekambi

    Karl Toko Ekambi was not enough for OL this evening.

  • 3/6

    Bruno Genesio

    Bruno Genesio’s SRFC fell in front of Losc.

  • 4/6


    ASSE sinks slowly …

  • 5/6

    Yacine Adli

    The Bordelais are also sinking into the red.

  • 6/6

    Frédéric antonetti

    Even disappointment for Frédéric Antonetti and FC Metz.

Unbeaten for two and a half months, Stade Rennais bit the dust against Losc (1-2) on Wednesday. What stretch the black series of Bruno Genesio against the Mastiffs.

Bruno Genesio definitely cannot do it against Lille. Stade Rennais was yet undefeated since mid-September while Losc has been blowing hot and cold since the start of the season, but it was Lille that won on Wednesday at Roazhon Park (1-2).

Enough to earn Bruno Genesio a sixth match in a row without the slightest victory against the Mastiffs, with now three defeats and three draws in these six matches. The former Lyonnais hoped after the match that it was just a simple stop.

“We had a good start and then we kind of confused everything. We wanted to go too fast, we got out of balance a lot and we favored the quick attacks from Lille, he analyzed after the meeting. You can’t always win 4-1 or 3-0, you have to be patient and win 1-0 matches like we did against Strasbourg. We wanted to go too fast. We played long, lost a lot of balls because we didn’t take the time to build our attacks. The series, obviously they stop. What is most important now is to react and immediately trigger a new dynamic. “

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