Geez with the “disastrous” inheritance, by Domènec García

The Barça has returned to stroll by the soccer world like the great protagonist of the gala of the Golden Ball, which ended with another triplet that will cost so much more than that of 2010, when Messi, Xavi and Iniesta they took the podium.

This time, however, the triplet was different, as the men’s quarry (Messi), the women’s quarry (Alexia) and future (Pedri). With this poster, he could very well have won the best club, which was for him. Chelsea.

Thus, the inheritance he received Laporta it wasn’t that bad. Right now it is enviable, because in Paris there were prizes for all facets; that is to say, for the past, the present and the future for the Blaugrana. And had it not been for the inexplicable kick that Laporta tipped Messi 25 days before the market closed, the triplet would have tasted even better. That of being an altar boy of Florentine has consequences, because with the credit of almost 300 million euros from the LFP, through CVC, inexplicably refused, the one who continues to be the best in the world could have been retained. A credit, by the way, that was not imputed in the balance sheet as debt, but as equity, so it did not affect the salary limit.

From the ‘dire’ inheritance of Bartomeu It is also worth mentioning a grassroots football that does not stop giving players (Nico, Gavi, Bucket, Ilias, etc.), successful signings (Pedri and Araujo) and a women’s team that aims to revalidate the 20-21 treble. All this, with a luxury venue such as the Johan Cruyff.

But the damn Covid it took an economy that was already walking the razor’s edge and left the club very touched. Not everything was done badly, although now others are putting out their chests. And gut.

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