Future project, present victories, by Víctor Muñoz

If the long-term transformation that Xavi try to implant in Can Barça is already ambitious in itself, we must add the demand to win to save the season with which the coach of Terrassa he has been living together from day one. Project and future yes, but with imminent results to guarantee the possibilities of a team that continues to show improvements and weaknesses every day. Before him Villarreal, a rival of category, the culés showed too many ups and downs in the game; starting remarkably, giving up many moments in which the ‘groguets’ were better at grabbing possession of the ball and finally finding their fortune in the final stretch of the match.

The line of improvement is undeniable, just as it is impossible not to get excited thinking about the future that this may have. Barça with players like Ansu, Abde, Demir, Nico, Gavi and company. But the truth is that it should also be expected that in the present the younger players are irregular due to their lack of experience and continuity. Not everyone can be required to assume the regularity that he achieved Pedri last year, the gifted student who is undoubtedly the exception to the rule and the natural processes of sports growth. So the work of Xavi It will be to find the balance between guaranteeing results and ensuring the development of these promises that already stand out in first class and do not even reach twenty.

After the victory suffered in Villarreal, the Barça finally has a clean week to train, prepare and consolidate new concepts before receiving the Betis that, with a large and compensated squad in the league, has more goals than the Barça, supported by the good game, but that will have to play tonight a cup match against the Alicante. Xavi is aware that his team has to leave its life in Munich. This week there will also be time to recover injured and, hopefully, to restore Dembélé in the starting eleven. Everything, to face so early in the season what in reality is already a decisive week for the future of this Barça in continuous transformation.

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