From the fight for Barça to home defense

Lolita Ortiz is one of the pioneers who on December 25, 1970, in the first women’s game played at the Camp Nou, contributed to laying the foundations of what is now Barça, the triple champion. Playing extreme, she was one of the most skilled soccer players of that Barça, of which she became captain after the retirement of Imma Cabecerán and in which she was top scorer for two seasons. He defended the Barça shirt and now it is his turn to defend his home, where he resides with his daughter Arantxa and with Black, a beautiful ‘border collie’. Lolita faces a cruel eviction process, which is reaching the crucial moment. Yesterday, the unanimous and unconditional support of the neighbors prevented the action of the Mossos d’Esquadra from taking place, which however already have a date for a second execution attempt, this time with the ARRO if necessary. since they understand that the presence of neighbors makes eviction a matter of public order.

The history of this cruel eviction begins about a decade ago, with a series of difficult family and economic circumstances that generated a debt with Bankia, the entity with which the home mortgage was signed, an entity rescued in its day with public money .

The family, with Jordà Jaime Ortiz, Lolita’s son, at the head of the efforts to try to save the home of his mother and sister Arantxa, have tried since 2012, without success, to update their debt with Sareb (Sociedad de Gestión of Assets From Bank Restructuring), the so-called ‘bad bank’, created to manage assets of banks and banking entities rescued with public money, including the ruinous Bankia.

Over the last few years, the family has tried insistently to pay off the debt and has even entered the court for the amount of the mortgage payments. It has made offers to Solvia, through Sareb, to buy the house, at market price (much higher than the one signed at the time), without obtaining a response. He even raised the option of a rental, to avoid having to leave what is the home of Lolita and her daughter Arantxa, at number 91 on Avinguda Paral·lel, right next to the Teatre Condal.

Penultimate chapter

Lolita has the unconditional support of neighbors and relatives, who yesterday stood in front of the farm gate, protecting it. The device sent by Mossos to close and alarm the home after the eviction, after the attorney for the opposing party rejected the family’s latest offers, postponed the operation, considering it already of ‘public order’ due to the neighborhood barrier . It has been established on Monday, the 13th for a second attempt with the ARRO.

Until then, the family hopes that an agreement will be reached through the Town Hall’s mediation service and the lawyers themselves. Several former Barcelona players, as well as the Agrupació Barça Jugadors sent their support to Lolita Ortiz yesterday

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