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Florentino’s ‘non-galactic’ already give Real Madrid joy

With the idea of ​​building a new project in the face of the threat of age that loomed over the Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo or Luka modric, the Real Madrid He chose back in 2017 to follow a risky strategy, away from the great galactic signings, but which is now paying off.

The international football department, led by Juni Calafat and in charge of monitoring possible signings, he set his goal in Brazilian football and was ‘brought’ to Madrid consecutively three potential jewels that announced to be a diamond in the future: Vinicius (45M in 2017), Militao (50M in 2019) and Rodrygo (40M in 2019).

At that time, upon arrival, all of them were unknown to most of the merengue fans and only through videos of their best performances in Brazil (and in Portugal in the case of Militao), they were able to get an idea of ​​what the club had signed.

Now, three years later (two in the case of Rodrygo and Militao) it is known that the strategy of the 135 million has worked out well for the whites and the three footballers are fully adapted and with a view to continuing to grow towards stardom. Without going any further, in the important duel before the Real society (0-2) all three were headlines and important. Vinicius opened the can, Militao performed possibly her best performance since wearing white and Rodrygo he played a good 70 minutes.

In this way, the three are fully trusted by Ancelotti and only they have the answer to the question that everyone asked in his presentation: Where will these players go?

Reinier, the exception

But the truth is that not all that glitters is gold and if the Militao, Rodrygo and Vinicius are already good investments, that of Reinier (30M in 2020), which is also the most recent, is on the way to not being so.

The footballer, former of Flamengo and player who was ‘hit’ by the pandemic as soon as he arrived, is fighting for a position that he does not finish getting in Dortmund in what is his second year on loan. A stage that, if it continues so unproductive, may undergo a change of helm in search of higher quality minutes.

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