Finally a real boss at PSG?

While Paris Saint-Germain is lacking “a strong leader”, Zlatan Ibrahimovic had offered his services to the club in the capital, “to restore order”.

In addition to attracting two football legends, Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos, the Paris Saint Germain could have recorded the return of another icon last summer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. “It’s true, I offered myself to PSG, but not as a footballer”, confirms the Swedish giant in his book titled ‘Adrenaline. My untold stories‘, released this Thursday in Italy.

Ibra wanted to return to Paris “As a sports director. I called Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, the president, and I offered to him: ‘If I do not renew my contract with Milan, I will come to PSG and I will restore order to your team’. Nasser laughed, but he didn’t say no. “

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Ibrahimovic was very serious in his approach, since he claims to have spoken to some PSG players. “One said to me, ‘Zlatan, only you can tidy up and bring discipline to the team.’ ” But the Swede does not regret having extended to Milan and continued his playing career. “I would have gone to Paris, I would have watched the team’s training and I would have asked myself a thousand times: ‘Why did you stop?’”

A charge against Leonardo?

However, Ibrahimovic always keeps an eye on the performance of PSG. And whoever was the first big star of the Qatari era knows exactly what the capital club needs. “PSG changed its history in forty-eight hours: it went from a normal club status to the dimension it has today. So if you don’t have a strong leader, it can get unmanageable, with all the stars you’ve amassed on your team, he explains. There are forty players, but none wants to leave, even if he does not play, we stay because we are too good at PSG. If I was there, everyone would still be on the grill. Because if I pay you and you don’t give me back, you can’t stay. That is discipline. “

One might think that the observation made by Ibrahimovic is a charge against the current sports director of the capital club, Leonardo. But the Swede assures us that he has “Nothing personal” against him. “On the contrary, I like him, he’s the one who made me come to PSG. I can’t blame him, but I know the difference between us: I don’t ask, I order. ”

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