Fifa ranking: Always taken for the Blues …

The draw for the League of Nations could do business for the France team in the Fifa rankings.

By the admission of Didier Deschamps, France got off lightly in the draw for the League of Nations. ” Obviously we could have had a more difficult group, but I have enough respect, whether it is for Denmark which was semi-finalist of the last Euro, Croatia which we know well and Austria which is in dams “, Thus entrusted the tricolor coach, adding:” It could have been worse, I’m clearheaded. “.

The former midfielder could hardly say anything else. Thus, while Italy was offered a group of death with England, Germany and Hungary, the Blues inherited Croatia, Austria and Denmark. The winners of the last edition of the League of Nations were spared and could also take the opportunity to improve their Fifa ranking, in which they currently occupy third place.

Brazil, number one in February?

In the event of a grand slam, the Blues are also guaranteed to score more points than Belgium, even if the latter would be full against the Netherlands, Poland and Wales, its three opponents of this qualification phase. While France will score almost 30 points taking into account the current standings if they win their six matches, the Red Devils can only do better than 25 points, even in the event of a grand slam.

But for Belgium, the danger is obviously elsewhere. Brazil, second in the standings, are only 2.1 points behind and will have the opportunity, in January, to take pole position thanks to their qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup to be played against the Ecuador and Paraguay.

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