Ferran Torres receives private 9 classes from Juanma Lillo

As Barça fans get excited about the possibility that Ferran torres He arrives at the Camp Nou, in January better than in July, he is learning about the player. The “Valdano Universe”, The recent 50-minute interview that the Manchester City forward gave Movistar taking advantage of his metatarsal injury that occurred in the Nations League, allows us to discover significant data about the pure winger, turned scorer. For example, his idol and his role model, as a footballer and as a professional, is Cristiano Ronaldo. It is the mirror where you look to get better, stronger and faster. Ferran, with his 1.84 height, he knows that in today’s football the physical makes the difference and there he is working conscientiously this section.

We also know that thanks to Guardiola in the City already Luis Enrique In the national team he has learned to play as ‘9’ and, thus, stop being a player who only assisted his teammates to be a scorer footballer.

In this facet, in the City, it helps him Juanma Lillo. The right hand of Pep in Manchester, he stays after training with Ferran to indicate and improve the movements of a 9 within the area. The way he receives his back to turn and shoot or the way he has to move away from the ball to arrive by surprise are two of the keys to the new goalscoring success of Ferran. Someone capable of scoring a hat-trick against Germany has the gift of scoring.

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