Ferran Torres has asked Guardiola to leave for Barça!

Ferran torres (21 years old) is the great bet of Xavi Hernandez to reinforce the attack, since he is a winger who can also play ‘nine’ and has speed and goal. Journalist Gerard romero has advanced today on his Twitch channel that the Valencian was the goal of Mateu alemany on his trip to Manchester. MD already published on November 11 that towers (with contract until 2025) and Dani Olmo were the priorities of Xavi to reinforce itself.

Now, MD can explain something else: Ferran torres has already asked Guardiola get out of City in the direction of Barça. And according to the information handled by this writing, the coach has agreed to let him out if there is an economic agreement between clubs.

Cover of MD from November 11, 2021

Ferran he told Guardiola that he was very grateful to him for his treatment and because he bet on his signing for City, but that given the opportunity to go to Barça, he could not say no. In this sense, as he learned MDThe coach was sympathetic to the player, in the sense that if Barça or Madrid come looking for a footballer, it is normal for him to consider leaving his club.

Ferran Torres has asked Guardiola to leave for Barça!

Barça football director Mateu Alemany would have been negotiating with Manchester City the possible signing of the Spanish international for the winter market

In this sense, Pep showed his understanding towards the request of Ferran Torres but subjecting it to an agreement between clubs for the transfer of Ferran to FC Barcelona. All this, because there is already a good harmony between the Barça club and the footballer who will then have to be signed into contracts if the clubs agree. Mateu alemany and the agent of towers, Hector Peris, They have a very good relationship since the forward and the executive coincided in the ranks of Valencia CF, something that has helped in Barça’s interest in the Valencian winger.

Ferran torres arrived at Manchester City in the summer of 2020 in exchange for 25 million euros that he paid to the Valencia CF, club in which the forward was.

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