FC Barcelona is Pellegrini’s black beast

The FC Barcelona is the authentic black beast of Manuel Pellegrini, The Barça team has lost the most times (20) throughout their long professional career. And that the Chilean began his confrontations against the Catalans with a comfortable victory (3-0) in front of the Villarreal, on January 9, 2005, with goals from Forlan (two and Gonzalo rodriguez, before him Barça from Rijkaard, Ronaldinho, Xavi, Puyol, Iniesta, Víctor Valdés and Eto’o.

The balance of the first eight clashes of Pellegrini with the Barça -In five of them he has already played Messi, who lost two – was extremely balanced, with four victories for the Villarreal of the Engineer, two draws and four victories of the Barça, always with Rijkaard on the bench. It was as a result of the arrival of Pep Guardiola to the culé bench -2008 to 2012- when Pellegrini’s terrible streak against the Barça team began, against which he added 16 defeats and 2 draws (one useless, in the Cup with the Malaga) in the last 18 games.

Since December 2008, Pellegrini sum before him FC Barcelona a draw and a defeat in front of the Villarreal (The only club with which he achieved a balanced balance). In front of the Real Madrid lost both matches of League. With the Malaga lost all six of League -in the first four I was still Pep Guardiolup front- and 2-4 in the Cup quarters -already with Vilanova on the Barça bench-, after drawing 2-2 in the Camp Nou in 2012/13. At the head of Manchester City he lost four times, all in the last 16 of the Champions League (2013/14 and 2014/15 editions), twice against Tata Martino and another two against Luis Enrique. And with Real Betis he accumulated two defeats last season, with Ronald Koeman on the Barça bench, which gave the place to Xavi a few weeks ago.

The balance of Pellegrini against Barça it is 4G 4E and 20P. In front of Real Madrid is 3G 7E 12P; against Sevilla of 7G 6E 11P and against Atlético, of 7G 6E 10P. The Barça it is. undoubtedly his great black beast.

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