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El Granadilla assaults the Di Stefano and Real Madrid arrives ‘touched’ to the Clásico

The UDG Tenerife he took the three points from Alfredo Di Stefano thanks to a goal from Marijose in the final minutes of the match. The visitors stopped the stakes of Weir, Esther and Athena and caused the second defeat of Real Madrid in the F League.

The Saturday day in the F League began with a Real Madrid that received in the Alfredo Di Stefano to the UDG Tenerife. The Tenerife team landed in the capital after beating Madrid CFF 5-2 a week ago, while the whites came from sealing the draw against Atlético de Madrid. Bullpen He opted to return to the scheme of three centrals with Claudia Florentino, Ivana and Svava on the defensive line, and Linda Caicedo with her first start at home.

The locals found themselves with a rival who was not going to make things easy for them. The defense of 5 raised by José Ángel Herrera was a great obstacle for Real Madrid who, despite having constant possession, was not able to approach the goal of Aline Reis. In fact, the first chance of the match would not be for White. gift monday seized the ball from Claudia Florentino’s boots on the left wing, advanced towards the rival area and put it behind the arrival of Clau Blanco who ended up crashing the ball into the white defense on the 23rd of the game.

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The visitors would try their luck again, with another chance from Clau Blanco, before Real Madrid began their offensive hurricane in the last 8 minutes of the first half. It was before it that White had to make their first substitution after Linda Caicedo’s injury and bring on Naomie Feller. With Weir at the forefront as the main agitator of the defence, Athenea and the Scot herself had two clear chances to go ahead in the electronics, but the lack of aim and Aline Reis prevented UDG Tenerife from leaving behind at half-time.

Second half

After a first half without much emotion in which neither team was able to pierce the rival goal or have clear chances to do so, the whites came out with more drive in the following 45 minutes. Toril barely took ten minutes to find solutions on the bench. The coach brought on Esther and Maite Oroz to streamline the offensive zone. Not even two minutes did the Andalusian forward take her first chance. The ’10’ finished off a long pass from Ivana directly into Aline’s hands.

The minutes passed and the locals kept trying to get ahead on the scoreboard. Olga Carmona’s crosses from the left were Real Madrid’s main weapon, but neither Weir nor Athenea nor Maite Oroz managed to raise the score to 1-0 with their shots.

The last ten minutes of the match became a round trip for both teams. The entrance to the field of Marijose, Koko and Colette gave wings to a Granadilla that began to get closer and closer to Misa’s goal. Herrera’s men were about to get a prize after a great play by Marijose in the area, but his fall in it after Ivana tripped was not signaled by the referee with the maximum penalty. The final insistence of the Tenerife team had its reward after the counterattack launched by Colette and Marijosé. The ’17’ from Granadilla was in charge of scoring the goal in minute 84 after some suspense due to Ivana and Svava’s clearance attempt on the line. Finally, the signal from the referee who awarded the goal gave free rein to the celebration of the entire visiting bench.

Real Madrid flipped out in the closing stages, but was unable to turn the tables on the match. The final whistle signaled the second defeat of the season for the Whites in the league competition. El Granadilla adds its second consecutive victory and breathes by opening the margin with the rivals from the bottom of the table. Those of Toril will have to get up after the defeat because next weekend they will have a Barcelona that does not step on the brakes in the F League.

Real Madrid, 0

Mass; Ivana, Claudia F., Svava; Athenea (Møller, 79′), Toletti (Freja Siri, 79′), Zornoza (M. Oroz, 55′), Olga; Nahikari (Esther, 55′), Linda C. (Feller, 37′)

UDG Tenerife, 1

Aline Reis; Estella, Thais, Patri Gavira, Vero H., Pisco (Marrero, 90′); C. Blanco (Koko Ange, 62′), Paola HD (Claire, 62′), N. Ramos, Gift Monday (Colette, 77′); Blom (María José, 62′).

goals 0-1, Marijose (Min. 84).

Referee Elena Peláez Arnillas (C. Castilla y León). She admonished Athenea (Min. 75) from Real Madrid and Blom (Min. 41) and Pisco (Min. 85) from UDG Tenerife.

Match corresponding to day 22 of the F League played at the Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium in front of 1406 spectators

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