Egypt .. How did Mohamed El-Shennawy become the goalkeeper of the major championships?

The 30-year-old goalkeeper made a remarkable performance against the Matador national team and saved his goal from a goal by “Rafael Mir” in the 87th minute. He also kept a clean sheet throughout the game, which ended without goals, to confirm the importance of his choice to join the Olympic team among the big three.

Ahmed Nagy, coach of national team goalkeepers Egypt The former told “Sky News Arabia” about the brilliance of El-Shennawy, saying: “His presence is a great addition to the Olympic team. El-Shenawy has a tremendous ability to instill confidence among his colleagues, a great goalkeeper who plays without fear. I wish him success and return with a medal from Olympiad“.

The club’s goalkeeper succeeded Al Ahly The Egyptian team has won many local, African and international championships, winning 12 championships so far, including the League Shield 5 times, the African Champions League twice, the African Super Cup and the bronze of the Club World Cup.

The veteran guards coach adds to “Sky News Arabia”: “Sharing El Shennawy In the World Cup and the Olympics, and representing his country in international sports forums is a great honor for him as a player, and I know very well his desire to repeat those achievements and not be satisfied with the successes he reached.”

Nagy had given El-Shennawy the opportunity to guard the Egyptian national team’s den in the 2018 World Cup when he was in charge of the technical staff of the Pharaohs and supervised his training and preparation for the World Cup to win the award for best player in his first match against Uruguay and participate in the second confrontation against Russia.

And the former Egypt goalkeeper coach continues: “During El-Shennawy’s training, I discovered that he possessed a high fighting spirit and perseverance to achieve the best results, and despite his departure from Al-Ahly Club earlier, he came back stronger and became the team’s first goalkeeper andEgyptian team“.

Although El-Shennawy participated a few days ago with Al-Ahly and won the African Championship for the tenth time in the history of the Red Castle, but that did not distract his focus during his presence with the Olympic team, as confirms Tariq Suleiman, the former Al-Ahly goalkeeper coach, who trained him for many years.

Al-Ahly club won the title African Champions League After winning 3-0 against his South African rival Kaizer Chiefs in the match in Morocco, El-Shennawy received the cup as the captain of the Red Team before heading quickly to the airport to catch up with the Egyptian Olympic team.

Suleiman mentions to “Sky News Arabia”: “I contacted Al-Shennawi by phone hours before he boarded the plane to the airport.” TokyoAnd he said that he has the motivation to make glories in the world of football and write his name in history alongside the great goalkeepers, and the passion for that does not stop despite winning many titles.

The former Al-Ahly goalkeeper coach confirms his support for the decision of Shawky Gharib, the coach of the Egyptian Olympic team, to include El-Shennawy in the team, explaining that he is a man of difficult tasks who gives his team a feeling of reassurance as soon as he goes to the field and does not lose his focus during the 90 minutes, which was evident during the confrontation European Champion in the Olympics.

Suleiman continues: “Al-Shennawi’s effective participation in the Olympics is the best evidence of his intense talent and multiple capabilities, as well as his access to a high (forma) and that he is the first goalkeeper inside Egypt without a doubt.”

And he added: “I approached El-Shennawy during his training at Al-Ahly Club. From the first moment, I knew that we had a promising and giant goalkeeper, a man who announced his intention to be in the World Cup and major tournaments and managed to turn his dreams into reality.”

And about the fears of some of the repetition of El-Shennawy’s mistake that took place in front of Pyramids in Egyptian League The former Al-Ahly goalkeeper coach says: “These are events in football, goalkeepers go through in all countries of the world, but only adults like Al-Shennawi are working to correct these mistakes quickly.”

Soliman believes that El-Shennawy’s distinguished participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo with the Egyptian national team against strong teams such as Spain, Argentina and Australia may lead to the arrival of professional offers for the great goalkeeper by European clubs, noting that his talent qualifies him to enter the list of the top 10 goalkeepers in the world.

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