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Eden Hazard’s latest extravagant offer

Given his poor performance motivated by injuries and irregularity, he Eden Hazard In recent months he has been placed in the white showcase and he has been attended and attended by numerous and picturesque clubs such as Newcastle together with his great and novel fortune or a Belgian Second Division club such as KVC Westerlo.

Your vice president, Hasan Cetinkaya, has granted an interview to the medium ‘Het Nieuwsblad and has indicated that he has a very good relationship with the player and that it would not be a very remote possibility to have him now in their ranks.

“I think I can consider Eden Hazard like a friend. I met him when he was in the Lille and he promised me that one day he would play in the Fenerbahçe. Westerlo it will be more difficult, but you never know. Perhaps he will finish his career here, “commented the Ottoman club manager by way of proposal.

Thus, another proposal is born for the Madrid winger, this more remote, but which is still a solution to his problems in the game. Real Madrid that have not stopped since he arrived two and a half years ago.

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