Deschamps’ big announcement

One year before the World Cup in Qatar, Didier Deschamps does not seem decided to leave his post of coach at the end of the World Cup.

The year has been trying for Didier Deschamps. Obviously consequence of the fiasco recorded by the Blues at the Euro. But this failure does not seem to have affected the pleasure taken by the French coach at the head of the France team. While he was most often evasive about his future after the next World Cup, the former midfielder took care to clarify things: he hopes to continue the adventure after the Qatari World Cup.

“As long as my determination and my desire are always at their maximum, I am ready to take up the challenge, he thus confided on the sidelines of the draw for the League of Nations. It could happen that I was asked, after the title of world champion for example, but I am not available. I don’t have to open the door. I am fulfilled. I don’t feel any wear and tear as a coach. If I could be ten years older than what I’m going through today, that would be ideal. Because that’s the very, very high level, that’s all I like. I know very well that it will stop one day, but in any case in 2022, my phone is on silent. “

For the first time since taking over from Laurent Blanc in the summer of 2012, Didier Deschamps will approach the next World Cup without any guarantees. Scared by failure at the Euro, Noël Le Graët has indeed decided to wait for the outcome of the World Cup to think about what to do next. A situation that the native of Bayonne accommodates. “Today, it is planned that we will see each other again after (the 2022 World Cup) and that we decide together, even if it is he who will have the last word. But I don’t have a problem with that. Truly. I will manage the players in the same way », he assured.

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