Deschamps and the problem of unvaccinated players

While the cases of Covid-19 multiply, Didier Deschamps mentioned the case of his players who refuse the vaccine.

Spared the Euro, Didier Deschamps had to deal with many absences during the last gatherings. And not just because of the injuries. Some players have also had to forfeit due to Covid-19. This was notably the case of N’Golo Kanté, who had to give up on the Final Four of the League of Nations, orAdrien rabiot, tested positive before the final against Spain.

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If these positive tests do not mean that the players concerned are not vaccinated, Didier Deschamps nonetheless recalls the importance of vaccination. “We have internal discussions. I am not here to convince. Everyone has their individual freedom, we cannot force them to do so. We won’t do it tomorrow. If they have a good reason, I can hear it all. I only give my opinion. But the reality is what to fight against this virus? The vaccine and barrier measures, full stop “, he confided in an interview with several media including The team.

The French coach also keeps a painful memory of the health constraints with which he had to deal during the last Euro. “It’s there, around us. This was too present during the Euro, with hotels imposed by UEFA. When you stay four or five days in the same place, with just the possibility of opening a window and going on a terrace, it is not the ideal psychologically. These are restrictions. We were not able to have this break with the family, the contact with women and children. It’s a breath of fresh air in principle. There it was impossible ”, he added.

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