Dembélé and ten more in Munich

The Barça shrinks in areas. On his own, when the rival on duty, this time Betis, thrashed with very little and on the contrary, remaining unmarked again and there are already 7 games of the 20 played this season. Something unheard of at least in the last 15 years. Four in LaLiga (Cádiz, Atlético, Rayo and Betis) and three in the Champions League (Bayern and both against Benfica). An excessive scorer mismatch to aspire to high peaks and even more so with one final after another at the first exchange rate. In the four led by Xavi There have already been two without hitting the goal (Benfica and Betis) and a single goal in the three games at the Estadi, against Espanyol and from a penalty. The bill for parting with Messi and Griezmann (58 goals between the two of 122) is coming out expensive.

The effect Dembélé in the second part it was not enough. There was more intentionality with the French forward on the pitch, who threw the team on his back, but it was only an effervescent stimulus. With a misplaced Memphis, away from the daring that claims Xavi, and lacking the leadership of Leo and any other reference, Dembélé took the compass to find Rui Silva. He made four opportunities, beating the Betis defenders by speed, on the wing and on the inside. He came out at a quarter of an hour into the second half, and at the first change he generated a first shot from the left. A minute later, only one of them tried the same from the right, both with a goal tag but they were deflected. He did not limit himself to facing and being the offensive epicenter, but also gave the culé attack options, with a long assist to Alba or with a deep pass to Abde.

Late in the second half, with the stress of winning, Dembélé he reloaded his leg, but again the ball went away from the Portuguese goalkeeper. Minutes later, at 76 ‘, he tried again, with a splendid dribble included, but the shot made a path similar to the previous ones. Intentional but meek. Dembélé he was a stimulus, he felt important, as if the Barça world revolved around him, but his momentum ended up being insufficient. And when they depended on their telescopic sight, Betis invented a lethal backlash, with channels such as conductor, Tello as prompter and Juanmi as a soloist, signing his fifth goal in the last three games. Memphis couldn’t believe

Dembélé It was not enough only in his third match followed by entering as a substitute, just half an hour before Benfica, Villarreal and Betis. Abde He came to his aid and sowed the path of goal but without collecting anything. A shot that went over the crossbar. Xavi He reserved and protected the Frenchman but in Munich no one doubts that he must be a full-time titleholder. There is no other. Renovated or not. It is what it is, with forgiveness

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