Decisive week for the renewal of Dembélé

Ousmane Dembélé (24 years old) lives some intense days. The French winger has before him a decisive match against him Bayern Munich in which he is the great hope of FC Barcelona in attack, after his good minutes in the second half against Betis. Secondly, the time that Barça gave him is running out to decide its renewal, since Ousmane The contract ends in 2022 and the Barça club wants to know as soon as possible if it will continue or not.

The fact is that the footballer says to Xavi, to the president Laporta already Mateu alemany, director of football, who wants to continue, but that does not come through faithfully later in the conversations and negotiations with his agents. And the club wants to know now what to expect. In this sense, from the Barça entity it is considered that an offer has been made with an “interesting” fixed and “spectacular” objectives. In this sense, the journalist Gerard romero He pointed out on his Twitch channel that the club will offer him an increase on his previous proposal of 1 million euros plus variable and that “the sum could bring him a fixed salary of 11 million. Without variables, it could be 7.5 million clean “.

Dembélé, in a training session


The representative of Ousmane Dembélé met today with Mateu Alemany to discuss the renewal of the French forward. The summit, unveiled by Cadena SER, lasted three hours and in it Moussa Sissoko reiterated that the will of the French forward is to continue at Barça and renew, although he has also transferred to Alemany that they handle important offers.

The Frenchman has to decide between what Barça offers him and his desire to continue, and what comes to him from other clubs, which also offer him a transfer bonus. Among them are the Manchester United, the Newcastle and the Tottenham, among others, and some ‘covered’ that has not yet transpired.

Unflattering clues

In any case, as MD posted, the days for Dembélé decide they are over because on January 1 the player will be able to negotiate and even commit to any other club. In this sense, in the club they notice two aspects that are not flattering: on the one hand, a delaying tactic on the part of its agents and, on the other, that there is a relationship of dependency and, on occasions, of submission of Ousmane with your main representative, Moussa Sissoko. This, apart from receiving his share of the corresponding transfer bonus when he arrives free at a club, also values ​​that a change of scenery would not go badly for him. Ousmane to vary its negative dynamics of recent seasons. Just as he is insisting that, at a sporting level, the project of other clubs may be more ambitious than the one that can be put together at Barça at the moment.

Precisely, Xavi already made it clear that Dembélé He would have a leading role in his project for the next few seasons as a fixed player in the starting eleven. In fact, he even said that he can become the best in the world in his position. President Laporta went further in saying that Ousmane is better than Mbappe. The club and the agents of the French extreme are in permanent contact but they do not want to delay the resolution of this matter any longer to know what to expect.

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