Coutinho does not think of leaving in January today

Philippe Coutinho focuses all eyes for the next winter market. With the young midfielders Nico and Gavi responding wonderfully in the first team, with De Jong and Busquets recovering his best level and waiting for you Pedri come back strong in 2022 after overcoming his injuries, the Brazilian midfielder could find himself relegated to the background. For now Xavi It has been clear every time they have asked him about the footballers who so far have not counted: they all start from scratch and have the same opportunities.

For now, in the three matches that the Catalan coach has led as the head of the Barça first team, Coutinho participated in the derby for 20 minutes against him. Spanish and the last 10 in front of Villarreal at the La Cerámica stadium, where he provoked and transformed a penalty that was the final 1-3 against the yellow team.

With the highest chip in the squad, the club could try to place the Brazilian midfielder in some operation. With the Barça negotiating the incorporation of a winger for the next January market, everything indicates that any registration, taking into account the financial situation of the club and the ‘fair play’ imposed by the League, would imply giving way to Coutinho, Umtiti

However, to this day, Coutinho He does not have among his plans to move from the Camp Nou. With a whole month ahead for the market to open and another month for it to close, any situation could arise, especially if the Barça try to include the player in some operation.

In the same situation he finds himself Net. Despite the fact that both last January and in summer he tried to leave the Barça to have more minutes, Koeman He closed the door on his departure because he wanted to have an experienced goalkeeper after the operation on the knee of Ter Stegen. For now, he does not have a proposal to leave and it will also be necessary to see if Xavi he is for the task of opening the exit door for him or not.

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