“Coming back has been a relief”

Tasting Coll She was the star of FC Barcelona-Valencia on matchday 22 of League F because she returned to the pitch after more than a year seriously injured. After the game, in the mixed zone, smiling and happy, she confessed that “when I entered it was a relief, from… ‘buff, finally'”.

Cata has experienced her injury and her recovery practically on a par with Jana Fernandezand said about his companion that “I have said it many times, with Janna It is unconditional love, we have lived through everything together and I thank her for all these 400 days that I have lived with her”. Regarding what she has missed the most in all this time injured, she explained that “above all feeling the competition, what it is compete, you spend a year training knowing that you won’t play at the weekend and competing again and knowing that you’re playing for a position is what I’ve missed the most”.

Finally, from the waiting time on the wing to enter, in a very long play in possession of his team, tasting commented with a smile that “he was talking to codeine that it always happens that when you have to go in the ball doesn’t come out, but nothing happens, we’ve been stopped for about five minutes”.

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