Christmas dinner, by Aleix Parisé

Everything that happened to Barça From the beginning of the season it has been like a Malaysian drop that has been undermining the morale of the Barça footballers. He went away Leo Messi unexpectedly, he stayed Ronald Koeman by discard, it was sold to Antoine Griezmann on the last day of the transfer market, half of the squad has been injured and now the Kun Aguero for a heart problem. The technician, Xavi Hernandez, and players need to start the year with a new mindset. They need to meet again as a team, especially on the field. Regain the confidence to win games and get out of the quagmire. Therefore, I imagine the dinner of Christmas with Xavi and the president Joan Laporta debating how to put the template back together and writing the letter to the wise men to bring signings. They want the most expensive nougat in the world, but maybe they’ll have to settle for some polvorones. By his side are Gerard Piqué Y Sergio Busquets, just before starting to eat the cannelloni, discussing how to improve the markings on the lateral fouls so that the Pamplona. Ter Stegen Y Jon Frenkieg are conjured to regain their best level. And at the other end of the table are the young people, seated in front of the older ones, leading the celebration while they prepare the desserts. The toast is provided by Dani alves coming home for Christmas. Celebration togetherness and joy (if the coronavirus allows it). Just what he needs Barça by 2022. Happy Holidays!

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