Chaos and order, by Mar Meneses

Xavi He has come to sort out some of the chaos of the new squad. Very young players, and at the moment with little goal. Months ago, it seemed that order reigned with very experienced players and with goals. Demir, Gavi and Ansu Fati, to name a few of the current FC Barcelona squad, they are football promises that will eventually become a team. It may be chaos now, but it promises: Order will come.

Xavi lines up with provocative lineups and we see a Barça with a superior state of mind that will surely condition sports performance. Motivated we were able to see Demir, player of the FC Barcelona, when at 18 he raised his hands when starring in plays to have the complicity and exaltation of the culé fans against him Benfica. And the partners did not fail. That first applause would start, which would be followed by a subsequent synchronization of the entire stands without any predefined plan. Until then there was order in the field. Demir he proposed chaos. He encouraged enthusiasm not to wane.

Let’s hope to see the team sync again. Although now we have the feeling of seeing a Barça Without a well-defined roadmap, it is still a beautiful representation of the current chaos and the future order that, although contradictory, are linked.

As early as 1665, Huygens would describe his theory on ‘the sympathy of clocks’. It revealed that two pendulums that move in an uncoordinated way, are synchronized over time thanks to the imperceptible movements on the wall. We are already seeing how Xavi the rhythm alternates.

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