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Carvajal and an endless ordeal

Dani carvajal seems incapable of ending his ordeal with muscle injuries. The side of the Real MadridFor some time now, he lives straddling the infirmary and the pitch, with constant stops and a lack of continuity that have penalized both him and the white team.

If last season was already marked by his repeated physical mishaps that only allowed him to play 15 games throughout the campaign, in this season it seems that he is back to his old ways when almost everyone took it for granted that he had already left his way of the cross behind. After a bout of intermittent exercise marked by a muscle injury that made him miss five games, Carvajal managed to chain eleven participations between the end of October and mid-December.

However, in the Madrid derby played in the Santiago Bernabeu, Carvajal He felt some discomfort again and since then he has been in the dry dock. Caused casualty against Cadiz and the Athletic and everything indicates that it will not be available to Carlo Ancelotti in Sunday’s game against Getafe, as he continues to work apart from his teammates.

This season he has already missed nine of the 25 games played by the Madrid and all because of muscle problems. Despite the precautions Ancelotti is taking (giving him more rest than other regular starters) and changes in his daily routines, injuries continue to rage on Carvajal.

The full-back, who has only played 26 games with the national team, assured a few weeks ago that he has even changed his diet to prevent injuries. “I have tried to make a global calculation of everything and to be closing doors in things that can cause an injury, in the way to manage training, the way to rest, that each area contributes its grain of sand to avoid injuries,” he confessed in the middle November in an interview in which he assured that he was mentally recovered.

“The head is the one that controls everything and assuming and trying to find the cause of a negative period with injuries has been my greatest precaution,” he added Carvajal, who returns to see how the injuries cross, again, in his way.

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