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Carlo Ancelotti saw, changed and won

Vinicius and Courtois they took all the spotlights from Real Madrid’s victory against Sevilla (2-1). The Brazilian scored the goal of the white victory and the Belgian, avoided the goal of the Sevilla draw almost in the last play of the match.

Nevertheless, Carlo Ancelotti He also deserves a part of those spots because thanks to him, Real Madrid won. Up to minute 73, Lopetegui He was beating the tactical midfield game, but in that minute, Ancelotti decided to turn the game around.

The Italian removed from the field Marco Asensio and Modric to put Valverde and Camavinga. Ancelotti realized the fatigue of Sevilla and decided to ‘put his legs’, as they say in the world of football. Or what is the same, put two physically powerful and very vertical players on the field.

Real Madrid lost control of the ball, but it was not that they had much control either. Ancelotti he knew it was time to raise his own. Something that, on the other hand, was something that was the talk of the Bernabéu. Seeing as the team was, the changes were more necessary than ever. Ancelotti also saw it, changed it and won.

Thanks to Camavinga and Valverde, added to the fatigue of Sevilla, Real Madrid began to play closer to the Bono area than Courtois and thanks to that, the goal of Vinicius.

Ancelotti He was right, although the truth is that the Italian is a coach who finds it difficult to make changes in a game. It is something that more than once has been thrown in his face from Madrid, but against Sevilla he did it on time and Real Madrid took three gold points.

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