Bueno unveils its strategy to buy ASSE

Candidate for the takeover of the Forez club, Serge Bueno outlined the main lines of his project in an interview with the daily Le Progrès.

In addition to the four foreign suitors, the Franco-Israeli businessman is busy behind the scenes to redeem AS Saint-Etienne. Clearly not wanting to see the French club pass under foreign flag, the boss of Smart Good Things, a freeze-dried drinks company, wants to rely on local economic players to present the best offer to Bernard Caiazzo and Roland Romeyer.

There is not a single shareholder, but several, including investment funds, confided the businessman. We will also appeal to the general public. Our offer will be greater than the amount of the bank guarantee (100 M €, editor’s note), because the club needs more to get out of the rut and settle permanently in L1. “

Wanting to unite French goodwill around his project, which could involve a merger with Olivier Markarian, Serge Bueno does not aspire to become the next president of the club. ” You know, people oppose; me, I reconcile and that’s what I do best, he continued. I will bring together the people and the funds to buy ASSE. I am going to mobilize businesses, local decision-makers, because we cannot let this national monument that is ASSE go abroad.. “

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