Brazil and Argentina in the League of Nations?

The format of the Nations League could be turned upside down in 2024, with the integration of South American teams.

Won by the France team in 2021, the League of Nations has succeeded in establishing itself in the European international landscape. In 2022, she will offer superb posters in her group stage, with Spain-Portugal in particular, and a group of death with England, Germany, and Italy, while the Blues will prepare for the World Cup with matches against Denmark, Austria and Croatia .

But a revolution is brewing for the League of Nations. After the creation of a ” Finalissima »Between the winner of the Euro and that of the Copa America (an Italy-Argentina will take place in London on June 1, 2022), UEFA has decided to invite the South American nations in its competition. This is what UEFA vice-president Zbigniew Boniek said.

“This is the last UEFA Nations League in this format, said the legendary Polish striker, in an interview with Meczyki. We had a meeting with CONMEBOL, the confederation of South American countries. From 2024, teams from this continent will join the competition. In what format will it be? We are still working on it. The national team’s match schedule is tight, so you can’t change it too much. “

Boniek hinted that the top six South American nations, namely Argentina, Brazil and arguably Colombia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay, would join League A. Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela would join League B. It’s hard to know how all this could be organized, because travel between South America and Europe would not go in the direction of a simplification of the international calendar …

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