Braking to the escalation of Barça

The escalation of Xavi’s Barça In LaLiga it was stopped in the third game by a good Betis, who won at the Camp Nou and consolidated at the top of the table. A goal from Juanmi when I was most thrown the Barcelona team looking for the tying goal sentenced the Barcelona team, who deserved more after reacting with the impulse of Dembélé, a revolting Barcelona player in the second part after a phase of Betic rule. After a good start, as usual, Barça lacked continuity and was overtaken by an ambitious Betis. When Barça reacted, after a goal annulled for offside against Juanmi himself, and he was better, the cold water jug ​​arrived.

Juanmi’s goal decided a game played to coups d’état, with turning points that were determining the attitude of the teams. Gavi’s shock threw Barça into confusion and gave way to Betis’s best minutes; later the annulled goal to the béticos plunged them into frustration and Barça had their best minutes; And just then, when Dembélé’s entrance had blown up the clash in favor of Barça, a badly defended transition after a corner in favor definitively sank Barça with Juanmi’s goal from Tello’s pass.


The images of Barça’s defeat against Betis

Alberto Estévez / EFE

A frenzy match, with two teams determined to dominate the game, contributed vertical exchange at a high rate, but also certain dose of imprecision in the resolution of the plays. Betis soon appeared in Ter Stegen’s area with a loose header from Juanmi, while Barça repeated their excellent offensive will, with involvement of all at the time of pressing, high intensity and play on the wings: Abde on the right and, on the left, a very plugged Coutinho who contributed technical delicacies such as a hat and a tunnel to unbalance Betis.

So much so that the Brazilian created the first great occasion for Barça and the game, when culminating with an auction at the first touch, a great collective move with a final center by Jordi Alba, in which Gavi, intelligently, let the opening pass to the side of L’Hospitalet for being offside.

The goal Rui Silva stopped the auction of the Brazilian. First turning point. From there, Barça gradually faded, another pattern of the Barça team’s matches. Betis took a step up front, his midfielders began to win the wide area, with Busquets pushed into backward positions and Nico strangely imprecise, and found a corridor on Barça’s right wing through which the side Álex Moreno it hurt. Of course, he used to run into a wall called Araujo in the Barcelona area when Canales, Guido, Guardado or Rubial were associated and tried to arrive in danger.

The truth is that Barça, even though it no longer generated Up as at the beginning, he had not given up great scoring opportunities to Betis either, thanks to the defensive concentration of his two centrals. But then, in case the Barça team had few casualties, a strong rejection from Bellerín hit Gavi’s head and the best of the Barça team left the game shortly after. Another turning point.

Betis, who was associated, arrived and in defense remained sober in the axis once the intense start of Barça cooled down, he was able to get ahead in respective actions by Álex Moreno, who in defense had problems with Abde but in attack it was a stiletto: a center from the side with Ruibal’s heel shot that went wide and a shot from the side himself that Ter Stegen rejected.

Juanmi’s first

A millimetric offside by Juanmi when he finished off a center from Ruibal on goal, with the defense out of adjustment in the transition and Ter Stegen leaving at the wrong time, gave a boost to Barça after a poor start to the second half. Betis did not digest the cancellation of the goal well and Barça, pushed by a delivered Camp Nou, recovered with the entry of Dembélé.

The Barcelona game reborn from both ends: Ousmane, who once again broke the game in favor of Barça, and Abde, who had the clearest opportunity after the disallowed goal. A thread from the French came out for very little and the arrivals of both, reinforced by Dest and Alba, forced the Betic centrals, Bartra and Víctor TRuiz, both very firm, to multiply, with their sides, Bellerín and a Moreno who with Dembéle suffered more than with Abde, overcome.

Squeeze the Barça

With Betis unable to leave your area As it had done in some phases, Barça squeezed a lot. Lenglet’s header, in his best game in a long time, just off a corner that Rui Silva stopped and, almost then, two crossed balls by Dembéle.

Nevertheless, when Barça was better, Betis discovered one of the main problems of this team: its lack of consistency when defending transitions. After a corner in favor of the Catalans, a rapid Betic transition down the Barcelona left wing, badly defended by Alba and Riqui Puig, Canales led and looked for Tello through the center, who gave it for Juanmi to advance to the Betics.

Was the inflection point definitive. Barça was no longer the one that had cornered Betis. The final arreón, with Luuk de Jong at the top of the finisher, was unsuccessful.


FC Barcelona: Ter Stegen (2); Dest (2), Araujo (3), Lenglet (3) (Piqué (2), 81 ‘), Jordi Alba (2); Nico (1) (De Jong (2), 58 ‘), Sergio Busquets (3), Gavi (3) (Riqui Puig (1), 35’); Abde (2) (Luuk de Jong (2), 81 ‘), Memphis (2), Coutinho (2) (Dembélé (3), 58’)

R Betis: Rui Silva (3); Bellerín (1), Bartra (3), Víctor Ruiz (3), Álex Moreno (2); Guido Rodríguez (3), Guarded (3); Aitor Rubial (2) (Tello (3), 63 ‘), Canales (3), Juanmi (3) (Borja (2), 81’); Willian José (1) (William Carvalho (2), 71 ‘)

Goal: 0-1, Juanmi (79 ‘)

Referee: González Fuertes, Asturian Committee. Channel Cards (12 ‘), Nico (42’), Guido (73 ‘)

Spectators: 66,520 at the Camp Nou

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