Bosz hits Buquet –


  • 1/13


    From now on, meetings will be systematically stopped in the event of a serious incident.

  • 2/13


    Plastic bottles will be banned from July 1, 2022.

  • 3/13


    Special arrangements will be put in place for certain matches.

  • 4/13

    Dimitri Payet

    November 21, 2021. The Olympico had just started, when Payet was attacked in Lyon.

  • 5/13

    Jean-Michel Aulas

    Jean-Michel Aulas’ OL lost one point in the battle.

  • 6/13

    Dimitri Payet

    Dimitri Payet received a bottle in the head during the OL-OM shock.

  • 7/13

    Dimitri Payet

    Dimitri Payet was the victim of a new projectile throw.

  • 8/13


    Match to replay between OL and OM! In camera.

  • 9/13

    Anthony lopes

    Anthony Lopes annoyed by the behavior of his own supporters.

  • 10/13

    Dimitri Payet

    Dimitri Payet on the ground, Mr. Buquet stopped the debates.

  • 11/13

    Mr. Buquet

    Mr. Buquet took his responsibilities by stopping OL-OM.

  • 12/13

    Dimitri Payet and Duje Caleta-Car

    Pablo Longoria described a Dimitri Payet “very touched”.

  • 13/13

    Dimitri Payet on the ground

    Hit in the head, Dimitri Payet was able to get up before returning to the locker room.

Present at a press conference on Thursday, Peter Bosz attacked the referee for the recent clash between Olympique Lyonnais and Olympique de Marseille.

While Jean-Michel Aulas was severely sanctioned by the League, Wednesday following his comments against Ruddy Buquet after the end of the match between Olympique Lyonnais and Olympique de Marseille, with ten suspension matches including five closed, Peter Bosz has stepped up to question the honesty of the referee of the meeting.

“What I don’t like is that the referee didn’t tell the truth. I don’t speak French very well, but I understand all or almost all of the questions. The referee made it clear that we would resume the game. When today he says he never said it, he’s a liar ”, he thus launched at a press conference.

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