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Benzema overtakes Madrid on the edge of halftime

Real Madrid went ahead on the scoreboard with a goal from Benzema shortly before the break against Athletic who previously forgave three clear scoring chances to make it 0-1. But it was Madrid the first to shoot with a bullet thanks to an opportunist Benzema, who took advantage of a lousy shot from Modric to hit an empty goal.

The action was born in the boots of Vinicius, who entered until he found Asensio in the front of the area. The Spaniard took a right hand that Unai Simón cleared as best he could. The ball fell to Modric to score easily but, with a blunder, his shot attempt was very fortunately turned into an assist for Benzema, who only now did not forgive an empty goal. It is Benzema’s 12th goal in the league, the 17th so far this season.

The goal did not do justice to what was seen in the first half, where Madrid started better but it was Athletic, through Williams and Raúl García, who had the clearest chances.

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