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Barnett, the scourge of the white fans that Real Madrid must endure

Jonathan Barnett, agent of Gareth Bale, it has become the scourge of the Real Madrid fans. Whenever he can, he sends a message to the fans of the white team. A message that is a criticism of the treatment of Bale, the player he represents.

Yesterday was the last time that Barnett he harshly criticized Real Madrid fans. “It’s irrelevant, I don’t care what they think. I don’t care what the Real Madrid fans think. Why should I care?” He added, “I think they’ve been disgusting to Gareth Bale. He has won everything and they have misbehaved with him, “Barnett said.

A new attack by the agent against Real Madrid that the white club must endure because it has no choice. Bale is not the only player Barnett has at Real Madrid. Camavinga is another of the soccer players of the white team represented by Barnett who, in addition, is now the agent of the most important players in soccer. Barnett’s words have not sat well at the club and the fans say anything but handsome to him and Bale.

The agent will talk to him Real Madrid for other players, but not for Bale, who ends his contract in June 2022 and whom the white club has no intention of renewing.

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