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Barnett criticizes the Real Madrid fans again

“They don’t know anything and I don’t care about them,” Bale’s agent said.


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The Federation of Peñas del Real Madrid of the Community of Madrid issued a statement criticizing Bale and Barnett, his agent, who said that the fans of the white team had behaved in a “disgusting” way towards Bale.

Far from asking for forgiveness Barnett has reaffirmed himself in those words in statements to the newspaper As. “He never said it. I said it. They are my thoughts, not the thoughts of Gareth Bale. I am not speaking for Gareth Bale. I think the fans treated him disgustingly, “says Barnett, adding that” Gareth Bale was fantastic for Real Madrid. Look at all the things he gained from them. And the goals he scored. And do they treat it properly? No”.

“They don’t know anything and I don’t care about them,” is Barnett’s answer to the question that the fans expected more from Bale. The agent makes it clear that he does not intend to apologize. “There is no solution. I don’t care. Why should I care?”

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